LED Universal Motherboard Perfect Replacement Skill

Fri Dec 14 11:15:52 CST 2018

The V56 LED universal motherboard has stable performance, perfect picture and convenient modification.It has become one of the indispensable accessories for today's maintenance personnel. However, there always will be some troubles for newcomers in the process of modification. The basic circuit knowledge, such as wiring rerouting, is not explained in this article. The following is a case about study of how the new motherboard is fixed and whether it is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Prepare a V56 LCD universal motherboard, and a matching metal bezel.

  • Remove the original LCD TV motherboard.


  • Use a knife to cut the metal baffle into the desired size and shape so that it fits into the plastic baffle of the original motherboard. Prior to this, it is necessary to pre-empt the plastic baffle with an angle grinder, leaving only the bezel.


  • Hot melt adhesive fixed V56 motherboard and bezel.

  • The original plastic frame is also fixed in its original position. The advantage is accurate position, no need to correct.

  • Let's take a look at the final result. In order to make the flying line look beautiful and neat, use a plastic strapping device for dressing.


  • Let’s see the effect of the back cover. The original back of the jack is covered with black stickers. it looks more beautiful.


  • Take a close-up look at the motherboard interface after the modification. If you don't observe carefully, hardly see the traces of the modification.


  • The effect of the image after the modification is almost the same as that of the original machine.


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