How to replace LED/LCD TV Backlight?

Wed Sep 05 00:00:00 CST 2018

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How to replace LED/LCD TV Backlight?

1. Remove the monitor base;

2. Remove the back-cover screws (usually more than 2-6 screws);

3. Remove the back cover: note that there are a lot of reverse buckle between the back cover and the front cover, do not use too much force, otherwise cannot install back after replace the backlight. Pls move the back cover slowly after disassemble it .Open to see if there are other wires connected to the back cover;

4. Remove the main control board, power board, etc., remember to mark each connection wire;

5. Remove the LCD panel: there are about 4-8 screws for fixed LCD panel; 

6. Disassemble the LCD panel. The LCD panel is generally installed by Buckle. When operating, be sure to keep the environment clean、Desktop leveling and free of debris (to prevent crushing the LCD panel). Generally, only need disassemble the buckle. Pls don’t separate the light film 、light plate and polarization;

7. Replace the backlight strip: find the damaged lamp and take it off. Put the good lamp cover and the fixed rubber back in place;

8. Recovery: install back in the reverse order of the removal. 



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